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Author Checklist
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Mandatory components of a manuscript:
1.Words count. Manuscripts should be no longer than 4,000 words for Original Articles, 2,000 for Brief Communications, 1,000 for Images in Sleep Medicine including Abstract and Main Text (except References, Tables, Figure Legends). Please indicate the total word number at the title page.
2. Manuscript layouts. Manuscript should be prepared in following orders;
- Original Article: author information, title page, abstract, main text (introduction, methods, results, discussion), references, table and figure legends.
- Brief Communication: author information, title page, abstract, main text (with or without subdivision) references, table, and figure legends.
- Review Article: author information, title page, abstract, main text, references, table, and figure legends.
3. Language. Text should be written in fluent, plain, readable American or English-style English.
Author Information Page:
4. Components. This page should include title, the names of all authors and their affiliations where the work was performed, running title, acknowledgement, sources of funding, any conflict of interests, and the contact information of the corresponding author.
Title Page:
5. The page must contain title, running title, number of characters of the title and running title, number of words in the main text excluding references, tables and figure legends, and number of tables and figures. Any author information should not appear on this page. This is considered as the first page of the manuscript.
6. Words count. Abstract must be prepared in the separate page and written with not more than 250 words.
For Brief Communications and Images in Sleep Medicine, the abstracts are also required, and should be described in single paragraph with the number of words not more than 150. Rule for Abbreviation: All the words in the abstract should be fully typed.
7. Key words. Important terms can be selected as keywords from the Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) of Index Medicus. The number of keywords provided is between three and five.
Main Text:
8. Format. Papers must be typed in 10-point type with margins of 2.5 cm (1 inch) using the Microsoft Word® (Word 97-Word 2007). The right margin should not be justified.
9.Figures and tables. Cite in numerical order as they are first mentioned in the text.
10. Style. References are described following the rules of the journal Sleep Medicine Research
11. Options. It is recommended that reference may contain at least one of the articles of Sleep Medicine Research.
12. Style. Table style should follow the conventional rules of the Journal of Sleep Medicine Research.
Tables should be self-explanatory, and the data they contain must not be duplicated in the text or figures.
Figures and Figure legends:
13. Figure resolution. Author must guarantee the quality of figures following the manuscript submission guideline. It should be noted that the manuscript could be rejected if print-suitable high quality figures are not provided at the initial phase of submission.
14. Figure legend. Figure legend should be self-explanatory. Abbreviations should not be used and the present tense must be used for the description.
15. All authors should sign on the copyright transfer form. Corresponding author should prepare cover letter and submit with the manuscript and copyright transfer form to the editorial office of Sleep Medicine Research. By e-mail or fax. Corresponding author should indicate that he (she) takes full responsibility of authorship from all authors.

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